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About Our Story

The idea of Fitness Dietary Created in partnership with Ayush(Software engineer) and Deependra(Fitness trainer, nutritionist) Partners of this unique service provider, this idea comes when both fitness enthusiast meet and discover the major problems that we are facing for not getting healthy lifestyle for every kind of age group. and found the complete solution to make health and fitness a priority in our lives. Our goal at Fitness Dietary is to bring value to your daily life by providing and delivering high quality, fresh, organic, delicious, food that makes you feel good. Owners and brothers, ayush and deependra, started Fitness Dietary by selling fresh, quality meals out of 1 (now 50 + counting..) gyms near their hometown in Jaipur.

Whether you are looking to shred fat, build muscle or simply live healthier, more energised and balanced lifestyle, we are here to feed and optimised your body, providing the right fuel to support your health and fitness journey.

Our Vision

We have a vision to reach out more people and support their fitness journey by providing our fitness services. make more people fit and teach them how to stay fit and give them knowladge to stay fit, create jobs in fitness industry, Eating well is the first step in changing your life and achieving right health and well-being. Whether you want to lose weight, increase your energy levels or boost your immunity, Fitness Dietary can help you do just that, Be the part of Fitness Dietary write to us ayush@fitnessdietary.com, cheers!

Fitness Food Delivery

We deliver high-quality, colorful and nutritionally designed and fully customised meal for individuals, Gyms and businesses across Jaipur. We deliver fit meals 5 times in a day (Mon- Sat).

Diet and workout plans

First step of your fitness journey is to get the right diet and workout plan and it will give perfect impact on your health and body, Our fitness coach and nutritionist give you the pefect diet and workout plans to achive your fitness goal.

Upcoming services

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