No more calculating, planning, shopping, cooking or washing up. Save time, stay healthy and let our Fitness dietary meal service take care of your nutrition.

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Fitness Dietary Meal Service


We use our personalised nutrition algorithm in consultation with a team of qualified nutritionists to ensure that each and every meal is tailored to your unique nutritional requirements, tastes and health and fitness goals.


Our menu has been designed by a nutritionist and every meal is prepared by a team of expert chefs in our state-of-the-art facility.


We pride ourselves on providing a level of customer service that is as excellent as our food. You will get a dedicated nutritionist to ensure that your plan adapts to your changing requirements, and you enjoy each and every meal.


We focus on seasonality, variety and locally sourced, and work closely with our trusted suppliers to bring you the freshest, highest quality ingredients.


Set your own schedule by selecting which days and time slot you require food, and requesting delivery to your home or work place- complete with a menu designed for office life. All meals are delivered in eco friendly and recyclable containers.


Our hassle-free service gives you back precious hours every day. We prepare the food that you need and deliver direct to your home or work place, eliminating the need to plan, shop, cook, clean or count calories.

Questions About Our Food?

Fitness Dietary prepares and delivers organic, fresh, and ready to eat meals directly to your door. Our goal is to make healthy eating simple and fun. Have a question about our meal delivery service? Here are answers to our most frequently asked questions.

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1. When will I receive my meal prep delivery?

Once you order is processed, you’ll receive your fresh meals delivered by our delivery persons in your selected time slots. We deliver 5 times in a day Mon-Sat.

To know more about Our delivery time slots.

2. What ingredients do you use and how are they prepped?

Here at Fitness Dietary, we strongly believe that processed foods play a significant role in many of the chronic health issues facing India today.

That’s why as a forward-thinking fitness meal company, we made it our first prority to only use fresh, wholesome ingredients. No hidden additives, Genetically modified organisms, refined sugars or artificial ingredients whatsoever. Everything is natural, organic and of the highest quality available.

What’s more, every recipe included in our meal delivery service is made from scratch by professional chef's team. Just hearty, healthy meals prepared like you would in your own kitchen.

3. Can I choose exactly what I want to eat for the month, week and day?

To keep prices reasonable and dishes different, our meal subscription menus are created based on the availability of local fresh ingredients and their seasonality.

You do have options to fully customize however!

• You can specify allergies/preferences and exclude ingredients when configuring your meal or meal plan in the order process.

• You add sides of high quality proteins, carbs and veggies and even calculate your macronutrients when configuring a meal plan.

• You can whatsapp us at 9828883630 to make further modifications

It’s important to note that excluding ingredients could result in some duplicate meals, we give fully freedom to customize our meals according to your fitness goal or requirment.

4. How long will my home delivery meals keep?

As long as they are refrigerated upon arrival, your delicious ready-to-eat fit meals should keep for about 1 day except green veggies. We strongly belive in fresh and healthy eating so we recommend to consume your meal as soon as it arrive.

5. What part of chicken and fish do you use?

We use skilness boneless breast part of the chicken and we use skinless, boneless Catfish (Singhara) in fish.

6. Do you have options for children’s menu?

All meals are available under menu page.

All of our meals programs are designed to keep you full in between meals. We give fully customization option to fullfill your fitness goal requirment. Our unprocessed ingredients are nutrient-rich and full of fiber and protein to help you feel fuller for longer.

We dom't have a separate menu for kids, but we have had a positive response from families using our standard senior meal delivery service. Portions can easily be adjusted at home to suit anyone – from children to growing teens and fully fledged adults.

Healthy Meal Prep Delivery Service

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